making the frontier accessible

As space exploration continues to evolve, the new frontiers with their limitless possibilities, are forging a path to innovation, collaboration, and a bold transformative future that reshapes our understanding of the cosmos and accelerates technological advancements for the betterment of humanity.

Lunar bases and research outposts will serve as crucibles for sustainable living beyond Earth. These lunar habitats, powered by solar energy and equipped with advanced life support systems, will be testbeds for technologies that will reshape our understanding of self-sufficiency.


Apex believes that the future of space exploration is not merely about reaching new estinations, but of creating and deploying in-space infrastructure that enables sustained exploration beyond Earth’s orbit.

Our vision for in-space infrastructure is a future where a network of infrastructure elements forms the backbone of a thriving and sustainable space economy.

We are committed to pioneering innovative technologies and solutions that build this backbone for sustained, transformative space exploration.

This infrastructure serves as a core enabler for sustainable space exploration, scientific research, commercial ventures, and the expansion of human presence in Space, leading to renewed access to the cis-lunar space, spurring investment to create new markets, and enhancing planetary research.

what we do

We are an in-space infrastructure provider developing tools and systems that will enable newer use cases, expand the market, and thus sustain exploration beyond Earth’s orbit.

In-space infrastructure will rely on a collaborative consumption model where future missions will build on top of the services provided to deliver their Mission objectives cheaper, faster, and better.

Under the StarOps program, we will develop and deploy in-space assets providing mission-life extension, data relay, PNT services in the first phase. The first phase of this mission will be ready for deployment in 2025.

Extended Mission Life

Significantly higher Return on Mission investment.

Reduced Mission Cost

Simpler on-board systems, increased mission reliability and resilience.

Newer Use Cases

Making fuel depots, habitation systems, outpost applications are now feasible.


We are a team of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs driven by a boundless passion for discovery, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and technology to enable exploration of the furthest reaches of the cosmos.

With pioneering advancements ranging from building the world’s most advanced satellite platforms, propulsion systems, navigation & control systems amongst others to designing space exploration platforms from first principles, our team has over 600+ years of cumulative space engineering experience in ideating, designing, and launching Space missions.

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